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5 Easy Techniques To Boost Self-Esteem And Succeed

Self- esteem is your opinion of yourself. Some people think that they are extremely valuable and capable and, therefore, worthy of any merit. Others feel totally incapable even when they have to face the challenges of working life.

Having a healthy self-esteem is vital for success, especially in your career. Low self-esteem is the result of the focus you put on your negative characteristics (real or imagined) and not on the positive ones.

If you want to strengthen or boost your self-esteem, find out how you can do it:

1. Reinforce the positive voice

Make a list of the things you think you know how to do well. Write down your talents, attitudes and your best qualities. It can be anything from “I’m easy with numbers” or “I’m a friendly person”. Nothing is insignificant. Review this list daily. That list will give you a broader perspective on your value.

2. Learn to treat yourself with respect and consideration

You must know exactly what you really need to feel happy and fulfilled. It takes a lot of effort to find those answers and even more to put that into practice. This is an important step to make you feel like a valuable person.

3. Learn to identify that negative voice

Write down what that constant negative voice about yourself tells you. You need to learn to recognize your own critical sense.

4. Strike back

Many experts claim that recognizing our critical sense is half the battle won. It is at that moment that you will be aware of the negative effect that what you think about yourself has.

Now, it is time to deny and counter that negative opinion. Example: “it is not true that I always make mistakes”. Then, remember all the times that “it is not true that you always make mistakes”. Simple, isn’t it? The positive effect is incredible. All your co-workers will notice.

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