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5 Facts You Should Know About Sijtje, Best Match Predicting Cow

In Netherlands, there is unusual cow named after an Olympian, the cown simply known as Sijtje has been predicting several correct scores.

Even though Sijtje’s prediction against Manchester United and Ajax went wrong, it was not far away from the stats, United just had a luck in the game.

Here are 5 facts you should know about Sijtje

  1. The cow is normally let loose to deep its head on baskets named with the competitoors
  2. The basket that is deepen in, the competitor on the basket becomes its favorite winner
  3. Sijtje predicted well a competition between Holland and Mexico in 2014 world cup where Holland won
  4. He also predicted well, the Holland general election, he correctly predicted one winner among the 11 contestants
  5. Sijtje has an overwhelming win rate of 85%. That is good enough than Barcelona and Real Madrid winning rate this season.

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