5 Foods That Should Be Avoided After 7 O’clock At Night

There are foods that should be avoided at night because they can cause problems in the quality of rest, metabolism and digestion.

Rebecca Flores Galleguillos, nutritionist at the School of Nutrition and Dietetics at the Universidad Andrés Bello in Chile, explains that to sleep well it is important to avoid carbohydrates, spicy foods, legumes or those that contain fiber because they speed up digestion and can cause discomfort in the night “.

The recommendation is that after the junket you refrain from certain foods, as this is the time when the metabolism works more slowly, is the closest to go to sleep and the body begins to spend less energy.

If you can, restrict your

  1. Mushrooms. Although they are low-calorie vegetables, they contain dietary fiber and difficult-to-digest properties such as chitin. Therefore, it is among the foods that can be avoided at night, especially for those who have stomach problems.
  2. Lettuce. It is a plant with plenty of water and few hydrates of carbon. Although it is recognized for its benefits to combat insomnia, it consumes more hours before sleep because it causes intestinal inflammation, gas and belching.
  3. Celery. This plant is a natural diuretic, which can cause your desire to go to the bathroom increase, which can disrupt the sleep and make your rest of lower quality

4 Cheeses. Because of the high content of animal fat, as well as its great caloric intake. People with problems are better to remove them from their nightly menu.

  1. Coffee. It is listed as one of the stimulant drinks of the nervous system by caffeine, which causes insomnia because it blocks adenosine, a receptor that has a sedative effect, generating a sense of alertness and increased energy,

Remember that from the seven of the junket the body begins to prepare for rest and food issues, genetics is key to assimilation and utilization of nutrients.

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