5 Ordinary Kenyans Who Accidentally Made Millions

These Kenyans were just lucky in 2017, just to wake up and discover you are rich within a single night is not easy, but for the 5 below, they just woke up and went back to bed with millions in their hands

1.100 Bob wedding couple

They simply did a wedding worth 100 bob, but Wanja and Muhonja went on to become rich and earn a wedding worth 3 million shillings after they became viral.

The two now own a piece of land , a good house and a nice mini supermarket with one kid one year after their 100 bob famous engagement

2.Wall of china girl

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Sevelyb Gat made herself to the great wall of China through a photoshop that failed terribly, it made her famous and won a free tour to China, and the great wall of China too. Her travel allowaces and expenditures made it into millions of shillings

3.Jackpot winner

Samwel Abisai won a whooping 221 million shillings from the Jackpot, he had never thought so. It was one of its kind for him. A varsity graduate with notheing, ended up with almost a half a billion shillings

4.Thika Bank Heist

A group of thieves made away with more than 50 million shillings from Thika KCB Branch, after digging a hole from a nearby shop to the bank’s safe house.

It was rather a genius century way.

5.KRA Hacker

Alex, a school boy graduate from the University of Nairobi, broke into the KRA systems and took over 4 billion shillings, he became rich of course.

He was a serial hacker as it was later discovered. Led a luxury life and pruned life from the shoot. Alex never got a chance to enjoy his stolen fortunes before he was arraigned in court.

But some Kenyans celebrated him as the most genius thief in Kenya


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