5 Keys For The Best Time To Send The CV

The design and spelling are key elements for a curriculum to convince the head of Human Resources of a company.

However, there are elements outside our professional profile that also determine the success of a selection process.

For example, the day and time we choose to send a curriculum. Oddly enough, being in a good position in the e-mail inbox makes things a lot easier.

But, how to know which is the best day to present our candidacy? In this post, we offer you 5 keys so that you gain visibility and do not become one more.

Anyway, you just have to take into account one exception: if the last day of the selection process coincides with an unwise date, forget the advice and send the curriculum yes or yes.

In other words, before making any decision, consult how much time you have and plan from here.

5 Keys For The Best Time To Send The Curriculum

1.Find out about the company’s schedule.

To begin, it is important to consult what hours are working in the company where you are interested in working.

2.Avoid sending the curriculum on a Friday.

Friday is the day on which the week closes. That is, many workers take advantage of the moment to finish filing outstanding issues and rarely start important tasks.

In addition, many companies carry out an intensive day and work in the evenings. Probably, your mail will not be read until Monday.

3.On Monday, the best day to send the CV.

If you want your résumé to occupy a favorable position in the inbox, take advantage of Monday in the first hour to send the corresponding email.

Normally, the first thing Human Resources managers do is check the email that has arrived during the weekend.

According to a study by consultancy Bright.com, 30% of the candidates who send their CV on Monday end up getting the job.

4.On Tuesday, an alternative to consider.

According to the same study, Tuesday is the second day with the best chance of success: 20% of candidates get a job. Take advantage of the start of the week to introduce yourself!

5.Try sending the curriculum during the established time.

If not, you run the risk of your email being left invisible among a lot of pending messages.

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