5 Most Wanted Job Skills In A Graduate For HRs

Would you like to study Labor Relations or Human Resources? Or maybe you are close to graduating from one of these careers, but have not yet had any work experience?

To better understand what this profession is and know what the tasks involved, here are the 5 most demanded skills in HR professionals by employers. Also, this information could be useful when conducting a job interview, as it will help you better understand your recruiter

The conclusion of which are these most valued work skills comes from a recent, which analyzed over a year more than 300 thousand jobs in the area of ​​Human Resources

1. Recruitment

If you are looking for the essential skills that a Human Resources professional must have, the ability to track and attract new talent is definitely one of the most outstanding.

If you are persuasive in the negotiations, you are clear to communicate and you have the facility to connect with third parties, you are probably prepared to face the challenges demanded by the recruitment task.

2. Projection

In order to select the candidate that best satisfies the criteria and requirements of the company, HR professionals must apply successive evaluations in order to identify the most significant and relevant aspects of each, and that discard those that are not suitable to occupy the offered position.

This process is known by the name of projection or screening

3. Communication

Being able to anticipate, identify and solve problems and difficulties of employees is the key to creating a more satisfactory work environment, and therefore, an essential requirement for HR professionals.

 Likewise, it is important that they develop their capacity for persuasion and negotiation.

4. Organization

HR professionals must be able to manage their resources and those of the company in an effective way.

Knowing how to organize and distribute your time correctly is key, especially when working with several projects in parallel.

It is also necessary that they plan and complete their tasks in advance, since they should always have a free moment to offer help to employees who request it.

5. Digital skills

Considering the incidence of technology in the job search, it is essential that HR professionals implement the use of social networks and other digital tools in the recruitment and selection process.

It is very likely that you use social networks to search or detect potential candidates.

On the other hand, the domain of computer programs for the management of data and information with

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