5 Musicians From West Who Have Sang In Swahili

Swahili language is among the widest spoken languages in the world, and in East Africa, it is more than a language. It is a form of business communication if not a business venture.

Apart from East Africa, Swahili is barely spoken except from few who are just language fanatics and do not wish to wonder more on what Swahili people speak.

And among them are few Musicians from the west side of the world, who have beaten all odds to sing in Swahili.

It should be noted that Swahili was not their first language nor their second, probably their third choice.

1.Gilad Millo

He is an Israeli ambassador who have spent a good life in USA. Coming to Kenya as an ambassador made him fall in love with Swahili music. He joined the band wagon and he has been featured in several singles and collabos. Amongst them is ‘Unajua’ featuring Wendy Kimani

He sings love songs which makes him a good favorite for wedding planners

2.Rebecah Dawn

Rebecah Dawn is a USA citizen who has spent more than enough years in Kenya. She has sang several Swahili gospel genres. Among her hits is the popular ‘Tembea Nami’

She later fell in lover with her Kenyan producer


Cecile has been featured in Wyre’s dancehall remix with the most famous. ‘Bad Girl Cecil’ Though she sang Swahili. She can barely do a conversation. The Jamaican song bird is one of the fine musicians of the riddimz genre


Alaine has done close to 3 colabos of Swahili with Kenyan music artist. Starting from My Bukusu Lover with Churchil the comedian, Doing another with Wyre and the latest with Willy Paul.

Though her Swahili is still poor when it comes to conversations.

Alaine is one of the song-gods of Riddimz in Jaimaca


Neyo has done a good collabo with Diamond Platnumz in Tanzania. Diamond Swahili bongo genre are widely listened to in Kenya



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