5 Platforms For Heavy File Sharing Over The Internet

It is increasingly common to want to share some kinds of files (such as photos, videos or documents) either at work or with friends and family, the space provided by emails is very limited and then have to resort to other platforms that can support much more weight so that no file is left unsent.

That’s why at YVK we collect some of the best alternatives you can find on the Internet to send or share heavy files:


It is perhaps the best known site for sharing heavy files. Its ease of use has made it one of the most popular among Internet users. This website (which also has a mobile application) allows you to send up to 2GB of files in its free version. You only need to use email to send and receive a destination, which will reach a link to download all files.

In its paid version (called WeTransfer Plus) you can increase the limit to 20GB of files to send.


This alternative is somewhat different from the others, since it works through BitTorrent technology to transfer the files directly from one computer to another. For this reason there is no limit on the size of the files to be sent. However, if these exceed 10GB, you can only download if the computer of the recipient of the file is on.

In addition, in this platform you can share these files with more than one person, it is very useful. To have this application, you must download a small extension, but it is completely free.


As for the alternatives to share files, Dropbox is the best known in the world. And it’s no coincidence, since this easy-to-use platform does not have expiration in the files of load, and can store the necessary files. The capacity limit of this platform reaches 2GB for free, although this can be increased depending on the premium account that is contracted.

To have Dropbox you need to register with an email account. You can also access it from any internet browser or from the web application, where you can synchronize and access files from within a normal folder that is installed on the computer.


This is considered the improved version of WeTransfer. Among its many advantages are its unlimited capacity of file size to send (compared to 2GB WeTransfer) and that the time available for downloading the files is 14 days (compared to 7 days offered by WeTransfer). To others, it is not necessary to register and everything is completely free!

Its ease of use is very reminiscent of WeTransfer, since it is only necessary to drag the files to be sent, and indicate an email or generate a link to the recipient to receive it.

Fastest fish

This option also has no limit on the size of the files to be sent. By sharing these files with another person to link to the recipient to download. However, the only “counter” that has this option is that to make the transfer it is necessary that both computers are turned on. However, it is a very good alternative to send files easily and quickly.

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