Have You Seen These 5 ‘Pretty’ Thugs? Police Want Them, Live Or Dead

Nairobi has been a white wash of thugs for the last 10 years ago, but 2 years ago the cases have gone to the troposphere, with ladies being thrown into the bandwagon of thuggery life.

5 beautiful ladies who are hardcore thugs/affiliated with dreaded city gangs (Photos)

But nothing has thrown Nairobians into a frenzy after police started hunting and gunning down ‘pretty’ looking thugs in Nairobi’s most dreaded zones such as Kayole, Umoja, Dandora and Huruma.

And currently, 5 ladies are on police radar, after few weeks ago 2 ladies were brought down using live bullets.

The female thugs are used as talisman and carrying weapons so that they can easily pass check points

Below is the list of dreaded thugs, watch out and report them to the nearest police post

1.Sling Berry, Member of Gaza Gang

2.Asma Awil Ahmed (affiliated with Old Town Youth Gang in Mombasa)

3.Nikole aka Nicks Palma- Umoja Usiku Sacco

4.Fei aka dadake Mbunge (Usiku Sacco gang) 



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