5 Qualities Companies Look For In A Recent Graduate

You study for years facing the nerves before each test and each exam, you get up early to go to classes and make sacrifices to buy books and materials.

All for a common purpose: obtain that coveted degree or diploma. Once you achieve it, everything is fun and congratulations, but you should know that you still have a big challenge ahead: enter the labor market through the front door.

To do this, you must know perfectly what profile candidates are looking for the companies that offer the best employment opportunities, both at the level of remuneration and work environment and training.

Although the university degree is extremely important, there is a multiplicity of other skills that you must develop if you want to be taken into account by the big companies.


One of the most fundamental is, without a doubt, the use of languages. In a globalized world, having the ability to break down language barriers is an attractive additive for any company.

And not only should English be taken into account as usual, other languages ​​such as French, Italian, Arabic and Chinese would be increasingly requested.

2.Soft Skills

On the other hand, we must not forget the importance that so-called soft skills have acquired, that is, all those that have to do with the integrated implementation of skills, personality traits, knowledge and values ​​acquired.

3.Communication Skills

Among the most sought after are communicative and relationship skills, creativity, the ability to work as a team, responsibility, honesty, commitment and proactive attitudes when solving problems and generating innovative ideas that help boost growth of the organization.


Another aspect that should not be neglected is the knowledge of some basic computer programs and even programming.

New technologies have managed to penetrate almost all professional fields, so being a “computer illiterate” can become a huge obstacle in your career.

5.Global Mind

But not everything is work and effort. Some of these requirements can become a dream come true for many young professionals.

For example, many companies require candidates to be part of geographic mobility programs, therefore, they have the opportunity to move abroad, get better salaries and acquire an unforgettable professional and personal experience.



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