5 Questions In A Job Interview You Do Not Have To Answer

It is important that you know that there are some questions that you have the right not to answer

As confident as you are, job interviews always cause a little anxiety or nerves. For that there are tips to know how to get prepared.

The problem is when they ask you delicate issues. What to do in these cases?

YVK tells you 5 questions that do not have to be formulated, and if they do, you can refuse to answer them.

Recently the portals LifeHack and The Economist America published a series of questions that say it is illegal for a recruiter to ask them during a job interview. In some of these questions there are issues that violate the right to protection of privacy, addressed by the Laws 

1-Are you married?

While many people choose to put this information in their curriculums in the “civil status” section, you have the right not to answer it.

Why? Because you can enforce your privacy, which includes plans to have a family, get married or get engaged.

You can choose to answer that you prefer not to talk about your private life in a professional and work environment.

2. What is your sexual orientation?

More and more countries are changing their laws to support diversity. Such is the case of the United States, which recently legalized the homosexual marriage through the Supreme Court.

However, this does not imply that discrimination has ended worldwide.

Therefore, if you feel judged or offended with this kind of question, you can choose not to answer it, alluding to the fact that your sexual orientation has not been related to your professionalism, nor is it a topic of conversation related to work. 

3. What is your religion?

Many companies choose to ask this question to take into account some festive dates related to religion that candidates may request in the future. But despite their reasons, this question is very invasive and they have other ways of knowing the information (assuming that what they want is to know the dates). For example ask if you have availability to work from the date onwards or if there is a day that you have to take into account

4. Could you give us your Username and password for social networks?

Although it seems absurd, according to the LifeHack portal, in 2012 there were several cases of recruiters in the United States that requested this data, and although some refused, others provided it.

Your accounts on social networks are clearly personal, unless they are specially created for the company.

That’s why you have the right to refuse to give that information

5. How did you do that scar?

If they ask you about a scar, a mark on your body, or your way of working, you are in trouble.

You will be facing a situation of possible discrimination due to your appearance.

They should not ask you any kind of questions about your physical characteristics, so feel free to ignore the question.

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