5 Questions Interviewees Should Ask Recruiters In COVID-19 Pandemic

The health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic has put the economy of large countries on the ropes. The headlines that have left us in recent days about economic meters such as GDP or the unemployment rate are quite clear about it

Many recruitment agencies and business circles are scanning the horizon for the coronavirus crisis.

For all these reasons, it is worth asking what the recruitment processes of the future will be like. Just as many countries are considering an upcoming de-escalation of confinement to regain their economic activity, companies will also have to establish a series of rigorous protocols to ensure that their workers are safe in the first place and that there is no contagion among the workforce .

This will also affect job interviews, since from now on it will not only be about the candidate convincing the company he is applying for as the ideal person they were looking for, but he must also demand a minimum of companies to ensure their own safety.

1.How have you managed the crisis with your employees?

 Then, depending on the interviewer’s response, the expert suggests that you should ask a couple of these questions to get straight to the point:

2. How equipped were you in COVID-19

Was your team well equipped to telework after the government decreed the closure of nonessential companies?

3. What measures were carried out in response to the crisis (salary or budget cuts, etc …)?

4. How did the company act with those workers who had to reconcile family life by being parents almost at the same time as the beginning of the crisis?

5.How did the company stay in contact with its workers when working from home?

6.Did the company have to reduce its workforce or what measures to cut spending did it implement?

Depending on the answers, you will not only know first-hand the corporate culture of the firm you are applying for, but also its ability to cope in a crisis environment, the expert observes.

Obviously, these demands on the part of the future candidate are considered for those who already have a good reputation.

Unfortunately, for jobs with low qualifications or aimed at the neediest layers of society, demanding these minimum security levels seems unthinkable, since the economic situation of some unemployed people may force them to accept jobs under any condition or pretext.

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