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5 Reasons To Have Your Linkedin Profile Updated

There are many professionals who have a LinkedIn profile for having it and then forget about it.

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This social network is very powerful not only to find employment, but for your personal branding.

You can develop your professional brand, make yourself known among other workers in your industry and establish connections with other sectors.

It is, therefore, a very enriching experience. But if you are not very social networks, we do not ask you to publish several posts a day (although you should), just try to have it updated.

LinkedIn is not just a platform to look for work. It offers much more.

We show you five reasons why it is advisable to have your LinkedIn profile up to date:

You will gain visibility

LinkedIn is displayed in the top positions of Google searches. When someone searches for your name they will find you right away.

This is very important, since, as they say, the second page of Google is “the best place to hide a corpse”. That is, only 6% of users go from the first page when performing a search.

Updating your LinkedIn profile will increase your chances of being contacted for new projects, opportunities and collaborations that may be of interest to you. This brings us to the next point

People want to know more about you

If you occupy an important position in a company, there are more people than you think interested in knowing you better.

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to control what they discover about you: your strengths, your jobs, your experience.

They can be your own employees, friends, that supplier with whom you spoke yesterday, competitors and even your customers.

They all use LinkedIn to get information. They will look for you in the social network of employment before knowing you for the first time or before responding to an important email.

You will be informed

LinkedIn is also a way to be aware of all the trends in your sector. In this way, the social network also becomes a tool for professional development.

Knowing the news published by other professionals, competitors and influential people in the industry can help you improve your work.

You will access useful resources

Obviously, if you are looking for a job, LinkedIn is a mandatory visit, but it is also for other purposes. For example, if you need to hire someone or if your company requires a service that does not count at the moment.

By offering professional connections, it will open the door to new partners, clients and co-workers.

In fact, the experts predict that in the future there will be no job offers: everything will be carried out through social networks.

If you are following the work of a series of workers, for example, web design, it will be enough for your company to contact them directly.

You will manage your contacts better

Thanks to the opportunity offered by labels, you can organize your network of contacts in groups that make sense for you.

LinkedIn thus becomes a very practical database at the same time that allows you to share information with each of these groups.

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