5 Reasons Why Uhuru’s Favorite Shirt In 2018 Raises Eye Brows

Yesterday, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s diary spelled a busy buzz of bees. He had lots of tasks to do within the same day.

First, he began his day by meeting a wife to worlds richest person, Bill Gates

Then he proceeded to announce his team for the last term, the team was such a large number but he managed to read all of them.

Then, it came the moment to depart for a task in Ethiopia, Adis Ababa town, Uhuru did it even though the sun had already gone down.

The last bit of it was his reception in Ethiopia, where Uhuru was seen being received by top leaders of the Ethiopian government.

But let us examine his itinerary with fashion eyes, all along he had used seemingly one shirt, but his fashion dresses can tell us whether he used the same shirt all the day or not.

If he did so, then Uhuru’s hygiene is below the standards, How can you attend more than 4 receptions in the same attire for the whole day as a president?

The shirt might have been smelling sweat at the end of the day despite multiple deodorants he applies anyway.



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