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5 Regrets Most Entrepreneurs Complain Of

At least everybody in this world has something that makes him or her regret in life.

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Today am going to give you the five top most regrets faced by entrepreneurs so that you can avoid them when you will be starting or doing your business.


1. Poor planning.

A plan is always the beginning of either success or failure depending on how you planned your piece of work. You realize that most of the entrepreneurs have a problem making good and successful business plan that will help them on how they are going to achieve their desired goals, and even to some extent some start their business without a plan and regrets not having it. A good plan is as important as the idea itself. before starting a business, you need to first write a business plan.

2. Quick execution of thoughts.

Most people think that everything they think is right, which is not true because to some point your thoughts can just be opinions and not the real facts that should make your business prosper. Most entrepreneurs are always in a hurry to execute their ideas which they have not analyzed their effects and hence come to regret later when they turn back against them.

3. Choosing the wrong team

Do choices have consequences? Yes, I realized that the term choices have consequences applies everywhere and entrepreneurs should take it into consideration. The choice of the people you are going to work with either pulls you down or helps you climb up the ladder of success. Most entrepreneurs do regret and I don’t want you to do so if you can make a proper selection.

4. Ignoring public opinions

When someone tells you that you are taking the wrong route is not that he is keeping an eye on things that does not involve him but maybe he is trying to help you. Public opinions are always important and don’t ignore all of them only to regret later that someone told you so. Opinions are facts that other people see but you yourself cannot be able to identify them so they may be like a direction to you.

5. Lack of personal time

Personal time is always very important, it allows you to restructure yourself and know where, what, and  how you are going to make your personal life better. Most entrepreneurs take 99 percent of their time working on their business and forgetting that they need to create some time to work on their personal life. So try and have some time alone just for your life both businesses.

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