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5 Secrets To Speaking More Safely

If you want to communicate more efficiently at work, get to know 5 steps that will make you speak with more confidence and confidence:

1. Be kind, but firm

You don’t have to shout or be rude to get your opinion across. You can communicate your idea – even when you don’t agree with the other person – in a diplomatic way. The secret to this is to be firm and direct at the right time.

2. Use the appropriate tone of voice

Choose the correct tone of voice to communicate. Pay close attention to the rhythm, volume and tone of your voice. Speaking very fast and loudly shows anxiety. Speaking very softly and with many pauses indicates shyness and insecurity. On the other hand, speaking in a serene and modulated way indicates balance and power.

3. Eye to eye

Anyone who looks down or to the side while speaking demonstrates shyness, insecurity or even dishonesty. When you believe what you say, look the other person in the eye, the speech comes in a more comfortable and natural way, conveying an image of power and security.

4. Control your body language

The body language says a lot about us. Keep your body upright, head straight, shoulders relaxed and arms uncrossed. This would be the posture of a person who is satisfied with himself. In addition, it projects power without being aggressive. Bowing the body, lowering the head, crossing the arms and hiding the hands while we speak conveys insecurity regardless of what we are trying to communicate.

5. Use as much time as necessary

We often answer a question automatically, without thinking. Always remember that before you answer, you need to think about what you really want to say. If the other person insists, tell them kindly that you need a minute to think.

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