5 Tests You Should Do To Choose Career

Choosing a career can be easy sometimes, but in others it can become a real headache.

The wide range of university degrees is undoubtedly very stimulating. But when there is doubt, things get complicated.

Many times students are not clear about their vocation or simply interested in more than one professional field.

In this sense, educational guidance tests are a good resource to finish making a decision.

Of course, always as a complement to the advice of a professional

In any case, the tests serve as a first approximation to assess our profile. While some tests are mainly dedicated to the work, others take into account only the choice of career.

In this post, we will focus on the tests that help to choose a university degree, some of them prepared by the universities themselves.

Have you ever taken a job orientation test? Do you know any other application that has been useful?

Share your experience with us in a comment! Listening to the witnesses of other students who have also had doubts is very useful to face the situation calmly.

The top 5 tests to choose a university degree

Although there are many tests of academic orientation, YVK we recommend that you start with these 5:

  1. KCSE final exams test
  2. TOEL Exams
  3. IGSE Exams
  4. Vocational and post-secondary tests
  5. Talent search contests



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