5 Things Couples You Shouldn’t Do On Facebook

We always warn that new technologies are a double-edged sword for relationships. If you are a user of Facebook, Instagram and other social networks it is normal for your friends to know where your life is going, but not everything is valid.

These are some things that you should not do in social networks when you have a partner.

Sometimes social networks form pairs and sometimes destroy them, everything depends on the use of new technologies.

There are some things that you should not know about social networks when you have a partner, because there is little caution when it comes to love.

1. Fill your profile with your photos.

 You love your boyfriend, we have all seen that he is fabulous and we believe he is the ideal man, but try to fill your wall with photos of him. Your profile is yours, you are the protagonist there, do not give up that space that is personal.

2 . Declarations of love.

You can shout to the four winds that you are in love. We understand and we are happy, but you do not need to remember every day with declarations of love or romantic selfies. Who are you trying to convince?

3 Upload your photos without permission.

Yes, your boyfriend is great  that does not entitle you to upload to Instagram photos of his in the privacy of your home without asking him.

4. Indirect.

 It is quite frequent at the same time, embarrassing to verify that happy mega couple has had an argument or a disagreement. We all know by those hints that you should not put on social networks.

5. Invade your space.

 The profiles on social networks are personal, so you do not have to invade your space. ‘The friends of my friends are my friends’ is a phrase of a song, you do not have to ask friends of your high school friends that you do not even know just because you are a couple.

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