5 Things Students Should Consider When Choosing A Bank In Kenya

Earning money has become part of our first priority, but then when you get this money and you need a place to keep it safe for future investments or just so you cannot use it all at once. At some point you need to choose a bank to house your money and if you are new to banking there are a lot of things you need to consider before you choose that one bank like;


When choosing your bank account consider the fees, they should definitely not charge for the basic account transactions like monthly fees, fees for account assistance and in banking services. You should also consider checking their minimum fee requirement as it should be affordable to your kind of earnings.


With expenses coming up anytime, you definitely need an ATM card to avoid embarrassing “I don’t have money” moments. When choosing your bank account check if they offer ATM cards and how much they actually charge for your ATM usage. You should also consider the accessibility of the bank’s ATM machines and whether they favor you.

Online/Mobile Banking Services

Do you like using your phone or the internet to pay up things? With the technology coming up and the usage of smart phones for almost everything, you need to check if the bank you are considering has online banking services and how much they charge for every transaction that occurs on your phone.
Branch Availability- You need to check if the bank you are considering has accessible branches where you can do your transactions. Where it is easily accessible for you and whether it favors you in the best way possible.

Customer Services

When you have a problem or a question the last thing you want is to sit down on hold or wait in line for hours or worse have a customer care representative who is unhelpful or not nice. The bank should have nice and easily available customer services for your conveniences. Ask your friends around about their banks and how good are their customer services.

Interest rates

This is basically the rates you pay when borrowing via credit or loan. Every bank has different interest rates depending on their function for example if it’s a saving account bank or a commercial bank. So when considering your bank account know what type of account you want to have first then look at its interest rates.

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