5 Things You Can Learn From Very Creative People

Some people are more creative naturally than others. Musicians, writers, actors, designers and artists of all kinds show unusual creative abilities.

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This is undeniable, and has to with the cognitive development of each individual, is studied by neuroscientists.

But it does not mean that creativity is a skill that cannot be learned, exercised and incorporated. The first step to this is to understand how the minds of people work with a great imagination.

They are passionate

Clearly, creative people are moved by passion. This does not mean that they cannot be rational, but they are usually passionate about what they do and have the natural instinct to create all the time.

They have an open mind

The closed mind is the opposite of creativity. Creative beings are open to people different from them, to new experiences, to traveling, etc.

They know how to practice empathy

Empathy is a very important characteristic in creative people with great emotional intelligence. What is meant by this? Simply the ability to put ourselves in the place of others without life having posed the same challenges and obstacles.

They are observers

Capacity is observation is essential. Sometimes it’s better to keep quiet and be a little more analytical and not try to intervene all the time with the spoken word. Analyze the attitudes of people around you, look up from the cell phone and look at the everyday situations that happen around you.

They listen to their instincts

Finally, intuition plays a fundamental role in the creative process. People with active imagination often pay attention to their instinct, that is, that inner voice that tells them that they should follow one way or another when creating a work.



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