5 Tips That Will Boost Your Job Application Via Email

Thanks to technology, 80% of Kenyan job applications are submitted online. Employers will either ask you to complete your online application or attach your applications to their email addresses.


You have identified a certain position and convinced that you are a perfect fit. As simple as it may seem to apply for that position by email, one single mistake can make your applications to be ignored thereby ruining your chances of getting the job.

Not to worry because the following tips will direct you on how to send a job application via email, what to include on the email subject body and what format to follow.

Tips For Job Applications Via Email

1. Follow the directions carefully

Florence Mukunya, a Career Advisor at Corporate Staffing Services, states that one of the most important things to note when making an application is following instructions.
“This applies in all job posting. If you come across a position that interests you, read the job description carefully then proceed to make your applications as per the requests of the employer. Suppose a job application requires you to make an application in a specific format do so. Not following the instructions on how to apply could result in your application being ignored,” she advices.

2. Ensure your email address is professional

How to structure your email address is one way to make a first impression. For this reason, it makes sense to have it in a professional tone. This is not the time to use email address with funny associations that may be religious or political. As much as you want to be creative, having an email address like hotkate@yahoo.com or CrazyPhilip will only show your lack of seriousness in the job and make you appear unprofessional. If you don’t have a professional email address, then this is the time to create one. To be safe, have an email address with your first or last name on it. For instance Georgekamau@gmail.com

3. Never leave the Email Subject And Body blank

Show the employer that you are competent candidate who understands the position looking to be filled. The only way to do this is by indicating the position on the subject of the email. Some job adverts will include the line which reads “Indicate the position and the reference number on the email subject.” By doing this, not only will it save time for the employer, but it will show your ability to follow instructions.

Apart from having a professional email address and the position applied for, you should also not leave the email body blank. Paste your cover letter on the body of the email. This will make it easier for the recruiter to access it when reviewing your application as opposed to having to download your attachments first. Recruitment managers often receive hundreds of applications and going through every one is time consuming.

Also, since you are going to paste your cover letter on the body of the email, make it brief and to the point. A well written short cover letter at the email body is the only one way to make it through to the interview process. According to Ms Mukunya,  long boring cover letter will turn off an employer the moment they open your application. “Relate your previous work experience to the position you are applying for in a clear concise manner,” she says.

4. Attach and name your Documents Correctly

Assuming that you have your CV and cover letter perfectly customized to fit the job description, the next step is attaching them and hitting the send button.
In order to make it easier for the recruitment manager to review your application, naming of your CV and cover letter professionally is equally important. Save your CV and Cover letter with your names i.e Rose Mwai CV, Rose Mwai Cover letter.
The format for sending your CV or cover letter also comes into play. Some companies may specify that you send your applications via a specific format. If they don’t specify, it’s safe to pick the MS word format because its easier to access it.

When you are certain you have completed these processes, you can now hit the send button. The hiring manager will spend a very short time on every application so ensure that you make you make it worth the effort.

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