5 Tips To Avoid Tensions In A Job Interview

Do you face a job interview? Are nerves your weak point in the selection process? If so, you should not worry.

These types of reactions appear more frequently than you think. What’s more, nerves are not always associated with a negative attitude.

For example, being uneasy can be a symptom of high demand or interest in work. In any case, it is convenient to control the elements that play against us.

In fact, before a person in charge of Human Resources, nerves can be seen as a sign of insecurity or lack of preparation.

So, we must remedy the stage fright and start fighting against ourselves. The key is always repeated: planning and previous relaxation.

5 Keys To Relax Before A Job Interview

1.Rehearse and home.

Put yourself in situation, as if you were doing theater. Think about possible questions and look for the best formulas to answer.

If you feel more comfortable, ask a friend or relative to act as an interviewer. The conversation will flow better and you can make some observations about clothes or posture.

2.Work the strengths and self-confidence.

The nerves appear because you do not trust enough in your candidacy? In this case, you will have to work on the self-image until the negative sensations subside.

A useful exercise to detect our strengths is to make a list of strengths and weaknesses. If you want another opinion, you can ask your ex-work partners to help you to make it.

3.Learn about the company.

Presenting yourself to an interview without knowing anything about the entity that you want to hire us is not recommended.

In the first place, because it denotes an attitude of disinterest and, secondly, because it can alter our fluency when it comes to responding.

Try to find out what the company is doing, how many years ago it works and what departments it has.

4.Visit the place a few days before.

Are you afraid to be late for lack of foresight? Does it distress you that some element of the landscape plays against you?

Well, do not think twice: make the journey before the interview and see what problems may arise. Mind you, do not show up at the company ahead of time. Impatience can generate distrust.

5.To think that it is not the only opportunity.

Do you put too much pressure to be successful the first time? If you are looking for work recently, think that there is still room to improve your candidacy. And, if it is not the first time you receive a no, take advantage of the experience to avoid mistakes in the next interview. First of all, positive attitude.



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