5 Tricks To Avoid Foot Pain By High Heels

Most of us fall under their spell, however, at the end of the day we complain because we can not stand the discomfort in our feet .


Scientists and orthopedists at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, say that the frequent use of heels can cause problems such as muscle contractures, bone deviation, bunions and postural alteration.

As we know that it is almost impossible to leave this type of footwear, we have five tips with which you will turn around the discomfort. Take note.


  1. Deodorant

Not only to avoid the bad smell, but to avoid the dreaded blisters. Just apply a little deodorant stick on the soles of your feet to keep you safe.

  1. Templates

They are not the orthopedic insoles that you used as a girl. These are special pads, which are placed under the tips of the feet, so that all the weight of the body does not fall on them.

  1. Lija

Use one of these to remove the smooth soles and reduce the risk of slipping. When you feel more secure, you will not exert so much pressure with your feet and you will avoid the pain after the tension.

  1. Exercise

To strengthen your feet and the use of heels does not affect them, it is vital that you do certain daily routines to activate them. You can try to pick up an object from the ground, just with your fingers, perform circular movements with the tips or, well, walk on heels. A couple of minutes a day will be enough.

  1. Adhesive tape

It may seem like an extreme measure, but it is not. The trick is to use a hypoallergenic and join the third and fourth toes. The reason? Between both there is a nerve that, when separated by walking in heels, produces intense pain.

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If you love heels, you know what to do to skip the discomfort and prevent damage to your feet.



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