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5 Virtues For Kenyan Entrepreneurs To Conquer The Lions’ Den

Many entrepreneurs came and conquered the Lions with their innovative proposals and incredible pitches.

Taking advantage of the fact that the Lion’s Den series is still running, we offer 5 virtues hopeful entrepreneurs can cling on to win deals with the kings of business jungle 

  1. Focus on innovation and technology, today business are going digital and no Lion in the den would invest in a business that will soon be faced out by technology
  2. Be creative and imaginative, original so as to capture their attention. Original ideas would sound sweet and new to their eyes and get their attention
  3. Focus on business that sell affordable products and services however small profit they make per each sale, the scale of sales can be worked on later
  4. Focus on solving a solution in the society rather than making money- money should serve as a motivation
  5. Come up with business ideas that are safe and secure so as to ensure the investors money can be guaranteed with returns

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