5 Ways Facebook Has Changed Our Lives

About 10 years ago, Facebook was born, a social network that has changed history. Just as hundreds of years ago a telescope or the printing press marked a watershed in the lives of people, Facebook is changing our history.

The success of Facebook is due to many factors, but regardless of how Mark Zuckerberg did it to position itself as # 1, there are certain things that will never be the same, there is a before and after of Facebook, for better or for worse .

CNN gave an account of the things that have changed in our lives thanks to Facebook, here we share 5 that are part of this before and after was:

  1. Your life is shared on Facebook

There is no important event that does not live on Facebook: weddings, baptisms, rings, requests, trips, courtships, new friendships, new jobs, increases, purchases, thunder, ideas, feelings, smells, food … EVERYTHING is shared on Facebook.

This social network has become a daily for everyone, in a digital record of our passage through this planet. If you go to your timeline you will find everything you have shared since you opened your account. Now imagine the people who are already born with Facebook, people who will begin to share their experiences from say, the 13 years (age at which you are supposed to be able to access Facebook).

People who have an active account have a need (to that Facebook have created) to post the things that seem relevant to their lives.

  1. The past is digital present

Being a digital newspaper your life is always present, a click away. Old relationships, old jobs, trips made at the University, crazy drunkenness, people you do not deal with anymore, everything is still valid on Facebook.

Months ago I read an article about how now, when you rumble with someone, does not leave your life because it is still in your photos, in your contacts, an Inbox away

  1. It is a source of comparisons

As we now learn everything that we all know (or our friends on Facebook), it is impossible to compare your life with that of others. Competition becomes stronger, frustration comes through the success of others.

  1. There is no distance or borders

Facebook has joined its more than 1, 200 million users in a single click. Under the same roof we live without the country or language we speak. Now, when you know someone does not ask for your phone, they add you on Facebook.

Checking the profile of a person you have just become an obligatory step in the socialization process and your account will let you know if you are still interested in knowing that person in depth or if they have nothing in common with you.

This works for both personal and work relationships and we are all closer than ever. Facebook launched the theory of 6 degrees of separation to, in many cases, proves that we are 2 contacts away from anyone in the world.

Facebook have changed the way we relate to other users, have made present in the lives of people we have not seen for a long time and it allows us to find out what the people we love, even if we are far away.

  1. Privacy is thought in another way

Exposing our life on Facebook has made us rethink the concept of private life. In general, social networks have changed the conception we had of what is private and what is public, making us navigate between waters a bit murky.

The information we share begins to feel public but we still get upset when someone we do not authorize has access to it. Facebook has changed its privacy policy many times just trying to adapt to this sense of change that we are experiencing, being that there was no parameter with which we could compare it.




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