How To Be Loaded With Money Up To The End Month

Feeling pressed with those ever-piling monthly bills? Do you go crazy when you see your water bill or calculate the amount of money you’ll spend on transport this month? Worry not. I got your back.


I recently bumped into this amazing opportunity that a lot of Kenyans are talking about on social media.

It’s a company that’s helping shape the beauty industry in Kenya.

BeautyClick is a spanking new brand that is taking over the local market, and it has made a major announcement. It’s the first of its kind in Kenya. Their website, www.beautyclick.co.ke will enable salons, stylists and other beauty professionals in Kenya to sell products directly to clients.

The company lets professionals such as hairstylists serve as the salespeople and provide distribution channels, which allows them to sell virgin human hair weaves to their own customers. Each agent who signs up is given their own personalized web-shop. Signing up as an agent is currently free at www.agents.beautyclick.co.ke.

Everyone is welcome to create a profile on their website and start making money. Beauty and hair care professionals earn 15 per cent commission for every sale they make from their personalized web shops.

BeautyClick has currently registered more than 300 active hairstylists.

“I get to sell quality human hair products to my clients without having to purchase a large inventory. The 15 per cent commission I get on every sale is also amazing,” Felix Waithaka, a popular hairstylist in Re-insurance Plaza, Nairobi, explains why he joined BeautyClick as an agent.

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