5 Ways Singles Can Hack Their Valentine

No matter how hard they try to include in Valentine’s day ideas such as friendship or love for one, it is clear that February 14 is the day of relationships.

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But that does not mean that if you’re single, you should spend that bitter day or watching the kisses of others.

We have some Valentine’s plans for singles that you will love.

What to do in San ValentĂ­n if you are single

That yes, that Valentine is the day of love, that we know it well. But love does not have to be exclusive to the couple. There is love for the family, love for friends, love for animals and, above all, love for one. So we can all celebrate Valentine’s Day.

1 Series Marathon. You’re single, you do not have a boyfriend, your friends do have a boyfriend and have booked Valentine’s Day to celebrate as a couple. Do not worry, you can do a marathon of your favorite series. Because the series are your friends, the series never fail you.

2 Singles Party. To celebrate, you can also organize a maiden party with your friends, those who have no partner. One of those typical pajama parties will make you feel like you’re in a Hollywood movie. Who remembers love?

3 Gifts. That you have no partner, that is Valentine and you love the gifts. Well, you do not need a boyfriend who gives you anything, you can make your own Valentine’s gift yourself, such as phone toy to celebrate love alone.

4 Disappears. Perhaps you would rather ignore this day dedicated to cloying couples and disappear from the face of the earth. You can not do it literally, but you can dive into a good novel and disappear until the next day.

5 Power on. Being single does not mean that you can not flirt and Valentine’s is the best day to spot those men who are single swarming by Tinder or social networks. And who knows, maybe tonight will turn out better than expected.

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