5 Ways To Improve Your Smartphone Charging Speed

Has it ever happened to you that you urgently need to use your cell phone but you have too little battery left?

Do not suffer anymore, with these small insurance tips you can reduce the amount of time your cell phone needs to fully charge your battery

Airplane mode

Maybe you have seen this function in the menu of your cell phone without knowing for sure what could benefit you. Well, if you load your mobile device and activate the function “Airplane mode” (in other cell phones it is found as “flight mode”) the data connection, WiFi, GPS and call functions will be disabled, but some necessary as the alarm will continue to work.

With this trick you will save many minutes of charging, so it is the perfect solution if you urgently need to charge your cell phone battery.

Do not charge it in USB

Some people use the energy from their computers to charge their cell phones. However, this spends a lot of time so it is advisable to charge it only in sockets or using portable batteries , since the energy coming from these is much higher so the cell will take much less time to charge.

Adequate temperature

One of the factors that shortens the life of batteries is heat . A high temperature of the phone causes problems in the operation of its components.

Therefore, when charging it, avoid that the cell phone has direct contact with the sun or are exposed to high levels of heat.

So many suggest that if you notice that the casings or covers overheat the device, it is best to remove them in the charging process, this so that the battery can be charged at a suitable temperature.

Always use the correct charger

Although it may seem that all the chargers are suitable for all cell phones, it is always advisable to use the charger provided for each cell phone reference.

In fact, using improper chargers, in addition to slowing the charging time of cell phones, can lead to malfunctions for phones .

Turn it off

Some believe that charging the cell phone while it is turned off may cause problems in its operation or damage the battery.

But nothing further from reality. Charging the phone when it is off significantly shortens the time it takes for the battery to recharge again.

If you do not want to go to that extreme you can simply stop using it, since what consumes most battery is the screen on your device.

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