50 Kenyan Diploma Courses Which Will Guarantee You A Job In Kenya

In Kenya, there are hundreds of institutions offering thousands of diploma courses in the country.

Graduands during Moi University’s 24th Graduation ceremony presided over by the institution’s Chancellor Prof Bethwel Ogot on December 10, 2009. JARED NYATAYA (Eldoret).

However, very few will get you a job at the end of the day with little hustle.

If you are about to join a diploma course, this list will help you make a better decision and avoid a future crisis.

  1. Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation
  2. Project Management and Planning
  3. Diploma in Purchasing &Supplies Management
  4. Diploma in Human Resource Management
  5. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  6. Diploma in Applied Statistics
  7. Diploma in Disaster Management
  8. Diploma in Cooperative Management
  9. Diploma in Accounting
  10. Diploma in Sales and Marketing
  11. Diploma in Public Health
  12. Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management
  13. Diploma in Tourism and Travel Management
  14. Diploma in Event Management
  15. Diploma in Graphic Design
  16. Diploma in Clothing Technology
  17. Diploma in Fashion Design and Garment Making
  18. Diploma in Technology (Journalism and Public Relations)
  19. Diploma in Printing and Packaging
  20. Diploma in GIS and Remote Sensing
  21. Diploma in Banking and Finance
  22. Diploma in Criminology and Forensic Science
  23. Diploma in Animation and Motion Studies
  24. Diploma in Biomedical Laboratory Sciences
  25. Diploma in Clinical Medicine
  26. Diploma in Computer Engineering
  27. Diploma in Dental Technology
  28. Diploma in County Administration and Governance
  29. Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Development
  30. Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  31. Diploma in Film Production
  32. Diploma in Health Records and Information Technology
  33. Diploma in Law
  34. Diploma in Micro Finance
  35. Diploma in Risk Management and Insurance
  36. Diploma in Special Needs Education
  37. Diploma In Estate Agency And Property Management
  38. Post Graduate Diploma In Housing Administration
  39. Diploma In Adult Education And Community Development
  40. Diploma In Guidance And Counseling
  41. Diploma In Audiology And Public Health Otology
  42. Diploma in Clinical Medicine
  43. Diploma in HIV/AIDS Management
  44. Diploma In Architecture
  45. Diploma in Business Administration
  46. Diploma in Business Information Technology
  47. Diploma in Software Engineering
  48. Diploma in Quantity Surveying
  49. Diploma in Actuarial Science
  50. Diploma in Nursing
  51. Diploma in Pharmacy

The above analysis was researched and done by Fixusjobs

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