50 Online Jobs With Popular Demand You Can Do During COVID-19 Self-Isolation

The online sector is one of the items most demanded by companies and has grown noticeably. The Iberestudios portal published the 50 jobs that have grown the most in this sector during the third quarter of 2012, and at the same time have good prospects for the coming months.

To carry out the research, data of 4.3 million users worldwide have been collected, in addition to 230,614 job offers in the last quarter. This research showed that the most outstanding job is related to Android. At the same time, eBay, in its sector of social networks, communication and marketing , is positioned in the market, with a growth of 11%.

Other of the sectors that have had a great growth, are the works with PHP , CSS projects and MySQL. The demand of professionals related to HTML5 is another of the marked trends, due to the need of companies to adapt to the new requirements of mobile devices.

The launch of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, generated an increase in jobs related to Microsoft. The global market has led companies to almost mandatory digitalization, which has led to the emergence of various related jobs, such as WordPress, correction, user interface, graphic design, logo design, online marketing, writing, writing articles, etc.

To these, in addition, you must add the profile of SEO (Search engine optimization), which needs to focus on the content and user experience.

List of the 50 most popular online jobs:

1-. Transcripts

2-. HTML 5

3-. eBay

4-. jQuery / Prototype

5-. WordPress

6-. Corrector

7-. User interface

8-. Graphic design

9-. Design of logos

10-. PHP

11-. CSS

12-. MySQL

13-. Sales

14-. Web design

15-. Android

16-. HTML

17-. Social Networks

18-. Magento

19-. Software Architecture

20-. Online stores

21-. Marketing

22-. Blog

23-. Joomla

24-. Reviews

25-. e-Commerce

26-. Mobile telephony

27-. SEO

28-. Internet Marketing

29-. Facebook

30-. Advertising

31-. Flash

32-. AJAX

33-. Link Building

34-. iPhone

35-. Leads

36-. Anonymous writer

37-. Photoshop

38-. Rewrite articles

39-. Write articles

40-. Data processor

41-. Excel

42-. Javascript

43-. Data entry

44-. Searches in the network

45-. Submission of articles

46-. BPO

47-. Writing

48-. Virtual assistant

49-. Web data extraction

50-. Data collection

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