6 Differences Between An Internship And An Attachment

In Kenya, these two words are basically used to refer to the same thing. But it is not as many learned friends will think so. In fact it is surprising how a graduate can confuse such a simple vocabulary after a period of more than 2 years in college or a university.

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So What is the difference? Here are 6 difference occurrences between an internship and attachment.

1.Attachment Is More Technical

Internships could not be so vigorous as a placement would be, you may have an internal internship within the school but attachment presents more of technicallity spaning even for more than 3 months.

Attachment would require highly skilled technical jobs in areas such as engineering or construction. Other popular trades where you can find attachment  include carpentry, plumbing, electrical and telecommunications etc.

2. Internships are shorter

Unlike attachments, internships can be multi-tasked between classrooms and the field, but attachment requires an industrial commitment from the student. It requires fresh graduates, and it can take more than 3 months

3.Attachments pay

The probability of being paid while undergoing internships is so low, unlike attachment where you will be paid on many occasion. In Kenya payment though is never guaranteed

By Simon Ingari

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