6 Easy Steps To Passing A Job Interview

Are you scheduled for an interview in the coming week? Doing interview preparation over the weekend? A fact is that no job candidate can guarantee they will pass a job interview; you can be confident enough that you will do well, but that’s it. The outcome is most times out of your control. A job interview can bring surprises, from meeting a panel instead of one individual, to being interviewed by a hostile recruiter.



But one thing that is common across all kinds of a job interview; you need to be well prepared if you are to ace the interview. To help you in the preparation process, here is a list of things you must do from when you get that invite to when you show up for the interview.

1. Identify what you’ll be wearing to the interview

Not sure how this is the first thing you should do? Read on. Recruiters or the interview panel will begin evaluating your suitability for the job from the minute you walk in, so your appearance is important. Did you dress for the position? Did you take time to look the part?

What you pick out should make the employer or recruiter answer these questions with a positive. This way, the interview can start on a positive note without any negative judgements.

2. Go back to the job description

When searching for jobs, you come across too many positions that keeping up with each and every job description is another task altogether. To ensure you do not prepare for the wrong job, take a step back to the job description as listed by the company. Study it carefully and write down important pointers if need be, also match it up to your CV and see what information comes out as important.

Knowing this will give you a basis for what information to look out for when carrying out your background research.

3. Start on your company research

From the notes you made from step number 2, begin getting even more familiar with the company. Look out for achievements and major milestones that the company has registered recently and be concerned with the figures. You do not want to mention the wrong figures that make the company look bad during the interview.

Ensure by the time you are relaxing back on your chair, you know the company ins and outs like you are already one of the employees.

4. Go through various interview questions and rehearse answers

Anxiety for most candidates looms when you are not sure what questions to expect or what answers to give when these interview questions are asked. To avoid being anxious, take your time and search common interview questions to expect in your profession.

At this point, Google becomes your friend. You will find many career websites or recruitment firms like this one with this information. And to be on the safe side, pay more attention to interview questions focused on the Kenyan job market. Rehearse the answers until you are confident that you understand each one and can answer with ease.

5. Know what attitude works in a job interview

Most job seekers focus their interview preparation around the company background and questions, but forget the other basics that count. Your attitude is a major determinant of how an interview will go, and your body language plays a major role in communicating your attitude. Recruiters will be very keen about your attitude during a job interview, so be very careful how you come across.

No employer wants to work with a bad attitude, so keep yours in check and identify how to market yourself without bragging too much.

6. Pack up what you’ll need and arrive 15 to 30 minutes early

Now that you have prepared the basics and got all the information to keep your anxiety in check, it’s time to impress recruiters in the interview. To do this, always confirm that you have everything that is required by the interviewer; supporting certificates, recommendation letters, copies of your CV just in case and other important documents that you were asked to carry.

Once you’ve ensured you have them all, get directions to the company and familiarize with the different routes you can use. If commuting, find out matatus to use early enough so you don’t have to get lost just before the job interview. And more importantly, if the interview is in Nairobi or its environs, always give yourself a traffic jam allowance. But also remember, if you are running late it is wise to call your contact and let them know so they do not assume that you just don’t care.

You are now ready for that upcoming interview. Oh, and clean up your Social media sites to show you’re a professional, may be change your privacy settings so if recruiters snoop around they don’t see how you partied o Wish you all the best.



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