6 Professions Which Will Be Created In Near Future

A study by the World Economic Forum points to “drivers of change” ie factors that lead to the reinvention of careers. Among them, we have cloud computing and the mobile internet, elements increasingly present in various activities.

The fact is that the professional choice adjusted to the latest trends guarantees a long career within the chosen area.

To help you recognize the professions that are gaining ground within these trends, we highlight in this article what they are, and how they fit into the current context.

Read it carefully and increase your chances of making the right choice!

1.Content Marketing Manager

Content Marketing Manager is already active in this. He is the one who elaborates digital marketing strategies and coordinates the activities of creation, publication and monitoring of results of the contents.

In addition, he is responsible for implementing tools to operationalize the work of copywriters, designers and reviewers. After all, in order for publications to meet their goals and tasks to become fluid, resources must be developed for that purpose.

Therefore, mastery of digital tools is one of the requirements to hold the position.

2.Innovation Manager

Disruptive innovation has been gaining momentum in the labor market. It is a concept that defines every technique and / or way of acting in a segment that until then has been unexplored.

Examples of companies that were born and prospered thanks to innovation are Uber and Airbnb. Thanks to their new approaches, entire sectors – in this case transportation and hospitality – were forced to review their efficiency standards.

Large players in the market are watching these changes and have included in their cadres the innovation managers, called “managers” in some ads of vacancies.

The advantage is that all segments rely on professionals dedicated to innovation, from the chemical industry to the IT area.

3.Specialist in Digital Law

The regulation of the Internet is very recent in Kenya

Therefore, those who think about studying law will certainly have a profession with a wide range of possibilities as a Digital Law Specialist.

This specialty has evolved as new types of offenses committed on the internet have become prevalent.

Examples of such crimes are cyberbullying, and revenge pornography, whose draft law is in the pipeline and, if approved, will sentence defendants (after trial) to up to 4 years in prison.

In any case, the activities of this professional cover more the consultative area.

He will be responsible for pointing out possible legal implications for companies in digital marketing actions on websites, social networks, e-mails and other electronic communication channels.

4.Software developer

According to the WEF study quoted at the beginning, cloud computing and the mobile Internet are pointed to that factors will determine many changes in the professions in the coming years.

Other research evidences the prevalence of digital processes in all segments. It is the Internet of Things (IoT), occupying more and more space in the routines of the companies. The professional who makes all this happens is the Software Developer.

Thanks to your work, websites are created, applications are developed and many other digital solutions come to life.

Technology is no exception to become a rule in business, and it is up to the developer to be the person who embodies this digital presence.

5.Machine Learning Analyst

The expansion of cloud computing and IoT is accompanied by another trend that has gained strength: Artificial Intelligence. There is also an area of ​​computer science known as AIoT, ie the Artificial Intelligence of the Internet of Things.

It is in this context that the Machine Learning Analyst arises, a professional who is dedicated to designing machines with analytical capacity.

They are capable of performing calculations of very high complexity, since they are programmed with algorithms similar to those of search engines and autonomous robots.

Among the skills required are the solid programming knowledge and the ability to manage the massive volumes

6.Renewable Energy Specialist

By now, you should have noticed that IT, Engineering and IT are more in evidence than others. However, the aforementioned WEF study also points to global climate change as a factor of change for careers.

In Europe, concern is growing about the development of renewable energy sources, and in California, new homes are already required to have solar panels as a source of energy when they are built.

Fossil fuels tend to disappear, and in this process, the Renewable Energy Specialist is the figure that will guide companies towards the use of clean energy matrices. Of all the professions of the future, this may be the most important, since it depends on the existence of all the others.

Choosing the profession thinking about tomorrow is very important, but the decision to make today is to determine what happens next



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