6 Skills You Must Have To Get Hired In 2019

If you are looking for your first job or want to change to a better job this year, discover what skills you must master in any area of ​​the current job market

Having accredited studies in the area in which you work or intend to work is key, but it is not enough on its own.

Nowadays – as it also happened before and will happen in the future – there are certain skills or skills that you must master beyond your profession to be hired or promoted in your career .

Although having tertiary studies and continuing to train is always essential to obtain specific technical knowledge in a professional field, there are other skills that must be mastered to get a job or promote within a company , regardless of the area that is.

 Know 6 skills will help you find a better job opportunity this year .

1.To be able to communicate in other languages ​​

Being able to communicate in other languages, especially French, Spanish or German, is one of the requirements that companies most demand from candidates .

It is not enough just to have a basic level, but you must be able to maintain a fluent conversation both personally and by phone, email or instant messaging.

There are several resources to learn a new language that you can explore and combine to achieve dynamic learning.

2.Conflict resolution

Any boss looks for solutions in his employees and not problems, so whether it is a project alone or in a group , the resolution of conflicts and negotiations one of the characteristics that recruiters seek to find in any candidate and more in those who seek to lead a team.

3.Decision Making

Making Decision making is a skill linked to conflict resolution. It is about being proactive , looking for a method when you do not know how to do something, showing independence and initiative and in order to be able to make decisions that allow you to move forward at critical moments.

4. IT and digital knowledge

At this point in such a digital world, who does not know how to handle the main programs of the office and does not have any level even if it is minimal in digital skills

You will have serious difficulties when it comes to finding or improving your employment . And time and money are no longer excuses for not learning: thanks to the Internet there are several web platforms where you can learn for free.

5.Soft Skills

The soft skills or soft skills are a complement to the “hard skills”, which is the specific technical knowledge in a subject. The soft skills are becoming increasingly important as a worker that the master will be more effective and improve both individual and group performance .

Among the most outstanding soft skills are: communication, politeness, flexibility, positive attitude, professional attitude, teamwork and punctuality .

6 .Creativity and innovation

A creative and innovative person will contribute fresh ideas, finding new ways of doing something, improving processes and minimizing costs .

Remove from your head the idea that creativity is not your thing because all people have the ability to generate new ideas.

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