6 Ways To Choose A Career Depending On Your Personality

Selecting what to study and finding the right degree is sometimes a stressful task. For students, this moment involves a quick decision in a short period of time.

At this stage, it is important to consider the outside or the opportunities that arise but also look inward to discover who we are and which career best suits our personality. However, this is not always an easy task.

A simple way to find the right path and get out of this problem is to analyze the type of personality that characterizes you.

Types of personalities and careers

According to the American psychologist, John L. Holland, there are six types of personality and “the choice of profession reflects the motivation of the person, knowledge, personality and ability.”

Therefore, we review below the most outstanding personality types and how they can be associated with specific careers:

1) Builders or doers

They are people who prefer interaction with work, know how things are done and use their hands.

Within these professions are athletes, agricultural workers and carpenters. Although it is also possible to recognize dancers, artists, chefs, entrepreneurs, scientists and researchers, and even engineers.

2) Thinkers

Thinkers have a love for abstract ideas, whether in the area of ​​humanities, medicine or technology. They enjoy doing theoretical and logical tasks, so much so that they are often called “intellectuals”.

In this type of personality are doctors, psychologists, scientists, or academics

3) Creators or artists

Creators tend to avoid working in structured environments and with a lot of pressure. On the contrary, artistic expression excels in spaces where their abilities of originality, creativity and visualization can be freely developed.

The roots that adapt to the creators are: musicians, dancers, painters, artists, graphic designers, editors, marketing directors, among others.

4) Helpers or social

They are understanding people, who enjoy working as a team and with a large number of values. They excel in moments of cooperation, advice and teaching.

The careers most associated with this type of personality are: therapists, nurses, masseurs, counselors, customer service, sales, management, etc.

5) Persuaders or entrepreneurs

They get the energy of teamwork and the connection with individuals. While the assistants are empathic, the persuaders enjoy the sensation of power and influence over others, the achievement of objectives and the assumption of risks.

Lawyers and politicians stand out in this type of personality, as well as professionals in the field of sales, business management, administration, development and human resources.

6) Organizers or conventional

They can work in a wide range of sectors because they are people who care about doing things the right way and through planning. They are lovers of budgets, numbers and long-term plans.

Within it’s accountants, specialists in databases, finance, development, editing, etc.

Do you know your personality type? Do you know what you like? If so, it will be easier for you to choose the career you want to study and the professional life you want to have.

However, you should not let this limit your options. Nothing prevents you from selecting a profession that is not linked to your personality, because in the end, you are the only one capable of knowing what is best for your future.

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