69 Year Old Atwoli Confirms 34 Year KTN Anchor Is His Second Wife

COTU Secretary Francis Atwoli has confirmed that he is married to Mary Kilibo, who doubled up as his second wife.

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Atwoli added that he made sure the Kiswahili News anchor was not married before marrying, he also dismissed claims of snatching the girl from a prominent Bungoma politician

Somebody Has Been Trying To Tarnish My Name On Social Media By Claiming That I Took His Wife. That Is Madness.

One Thing I Cannot Do In My Life Is To Have An Affair With Somebody’s Wife. My Late Father Warned Me Never To Fool Around With Someone’s Wife

Of My Several Wives, I Asked Their Parents If They Were Single Before I Married Them

I Have Elder Mama And I Have Mary Behind Me. I Have Two Wives.

Mary is already said to be pregnant despite the fact that Atwoli’s family is already big.

I Have About 17 Children And I Have 74 Children Who Are Not My Biological Children, Whom I’m Educating.

Known for posh and deluxe cars, Atwoli says his second wife deserves a better ride.

I Have Two Cars For Myself. Mama At Home Drives A Very Old Car And I Want Also Because Of The Nature My Wife Mary Is Doing To Make Sure She Has A Comfortable Car.

The second wife, Marry Kilobi who is 34 years old says that her man at 69 years old is so loving and caring, always there for her.

I Love Atwoli, He Is A Caring Man Who Is Always There For Me. Given Another Chance, I Will Still Fall In Love With Him

He Proposed To Me But I Said No. But He Insisted, Saying That He Was Serious And Would Wait For Even 1,000 Years For Me To Say ‘Yes’ And Marry Him

But I Have Now Realised That Age Should Never Be A Key Consideration In A Relationship. Atwoli Is That Guy Who Is Never Bothered About Mundane Issues That Sometimes Break Up Marriages

He Told Me He Was Lonely And Needed A Wife To Live With In Kajiado. I Challenged Him To Visit My Parents And Make His Intentions Known If He Was Serious. He Readily Responded By Sending A Delegation To The Village About Two Months Ago

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