7 Best Alternative Search Engines To Google In 2019

Google is the Internet search engine par excellence, but it is not the only search engine you can use in your browser.

These are the best alternative search engines to Google in 2019.

What are the best alternative search engines to Google in 2019? There are other search engines that may not be as well known, but offer different privacy features and different results.

Using different search engines allows you to obtain slightly different results, since each search engine uses its own algorithm that sets different search criteria.

There are search engines that are especially efficient looking for images, others looking for old web pages and other search engines that are as good as Google in their searches, but putting user privacy as a priority.


Bing is Microsoft’s response to Google’s monopoly in search engines and the one it uses by default in its Edge browser and in the internal Windows 10 browser.

Its market share in search engines is proportional to the percentage of Microsoft browser usage, which places it at around 10% of the overall share.

Bing is also the default search engine for content searches that are made from the Windows 10 search bar, which can minimally increase your usage percentage.


 The best alternative search engines to Google in 2019

Duck DuckGo is the eternal alternative of Google since it shares the same efficiency of search for results, but with the incentive of not tracking users.

A peculiarity of DuckDuckGo is that it can extend your search requests to other engines, but with the advantage of not sharing your search data with them. This respect for user privacy makes it especially interesting to integrate it as a default search engine in your usual browser.

You can now try the Microsoft browser based on Chromium on Mac

As with the Google engine, DuckDuckGo has a predictive text function, so the engine is guessing your search as you type it.


 The best alternative search engines to Google in 2019

There was a time when Yahoo was almost synonymous with the Internet itself, but the puncture of the Puntocom back in the early 2000s marked the beginning of a debacle in which Google would pick up the Yahoo witness !! on the Internet

Although Yahoo! It is a familiar name for many people, it is probably not the first name that appears when you think of alternative search engines to Google.

In fact, since October 2015, Yahoo agreed with Google to join forces, so the results obtained by the Yahoo search engine  would use the same sources as Google search engines.

The Ask search engine has earned a bad reputation for being one of the main drivers of the famous browser options bars, which were installed as “collateral damage” when you installed a free program on your PC.

The origin of its name is that, in the origins of, it had a question and answer format, where most of the questions were answered by other users.

Your browser’s autocomplete is vulnerable to hackers

The current results offered by this search engine are quite poor compared to those of Google or Bing.

Internet Archive

Do you want to know what the YVK  website looked like in 2012, or what Apple’s website looked like in 2007?

You just have to do a search on the engine to travel back in time to those years and discover web designs from the early 2000s and even further back in time. is the search engine for Internet archives that many would already consider lost. A true browser logbook that has been collecting state records of more than 366 billion web pages in a timeline.

Conceived as a true universal knowledge fund, the Internet Archive search engine will find files and records that were believed to be lost in the confines of time, but still retain their place in some corner of a dusty server.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolframalpha is, without a doubt, one of the alternative search engines to Google more different from other search engines.

This search engine is not like the search engines to use, according to its creators, it is a computational knowledge engine that can provide you with structured data and advanced calculations.

In this search engine, its functions for searching mathematical operations are especially valued, which, instead of offering you a list of documents or web addresses where you can find the answer to your search, offers you a direct answer to your question based on the Search for that data.


 The best alternative search engines to Google in 2019

StarPage moves along the same line of privacy as the main claim that DuckDuckGo walks on. The StartPage privacy policy is simple: “We do not track you. We do not collect data for a profile of your data. “

When using StartPage, your query is made without adding any metadata that may be related to you, including your personal information, IP address, browser, etc.

This fully anonymized search request is sent to Google, and StartPage returns the results that Google has found. That is, StartPage acts as a firewall between Google and your data, so that all Google engine efficiency is maintained, while maintaining much broader levels of privacy.

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