7 Chemistry Photos Between MCA Tricky And Rue Baby

In 2020, Kenya experienced bosom buddies MCA Tricky and Rue Baby ‘romance friendship’ go beyond their expectations.

One of the things they did together included celebrating a lovely birthday and going ahead to exchange gifts.

Akothee’s daughter Rue and Churchill Show Comedian MCA Tricky will go ahead and deny claims of being in a love relationship.

Sentiments that also well echoed by the comedian who is also a radio host.

“I have a girlfriend. She is Kenyan and not in the limelight. I have never even crushed for Rue Baby since we met. She is only a colleague in the industry. I respect that Rue is a very social and easy girl to work with, but I have never fallen for her,” MCA Tricky said

The two however, have been hosting a You Tube show dubbed Step by Step.

Here are some love,y moments between Rue and Tricky

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