7 Firms Where You Can Easily Secure Internship Posts And Walk Straight Into Dream Career

Getting an internship post in Kenya is as hard as getting a job opportunity. Even a free paying internship literary doesn’t exist.

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However, the following firms can easily guarantee you a job and walk straight into your dream career


Kenya Private Sector, which is in charge of registered non-governmental organizations. It is ideal for students looking to fasten their seat belts of career and get into working


Former KIE, Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development is ideal for students who need a 3 months internship position.

KICD offers internship on monthly basis in various fields such as journalism, engineering and graphic design


If you looking to venture into communication, Kenya broadcasting cooperation should be your destination. They don’t pay but it is ideal for experience and baling hands on skills, easier to get too.


Located in Railways Nairobi, the body places students who need internship programs, you need to just have the varsity letter or rather college intern letter

5.Insurance firms

This firms are a ready market for sales and marketing students, as well as marketing fanatics, they just train you on products and the ball is in your court, pays on commission basis

6.Construction sites

Readily available, almost everywhere in Nairobi, look for site manager and give him papers. You got the job


Service in churches need more dedicated ministers, big churches need interns in finance, media and engineering, easy to get from where you fellowship

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