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7 Keys To Making A Business Work – According To Richard Branson

Richard Branson, the creator and president of Virgin, explains some key nuggets to the secret of success in business.

Long term view

You have to look at the past, but little, the important thing is to have a long-term view

Precisely, on that idea, You have to delegate, it is absolutely basic. In this way, one can dedicate oneself to long-range issues while the daily issues are moved by others.

You have to have a long-term vision in life in general, and especially in business. Working with a goal is crucial

In short, the past is not very important, except to draw some conclusions

Quick plans

From his present, it can be summed up that he is among the 300 richest men on the planet, According to ‘Forbes’, and the future is not well known, but as he said yesterday: Making supersonic plans is possible.

Businesses, failures

 I don’t know how to resist any challenge. If you have an idea, just make it happen! ”Nor, in this case, did he resist another classic of the genre:” If you fail, don’t worry, learn from your mistakes and try again. “

 An attitude that he summarized in a comparison: “Businesses are like buses: there is always another arriving if the previous one has been lost.” Branson himself has his own failures. The most famous, a tail mark that nobody remembers. “Entrepreneurs and adventurers are very similar,” summed up the magnate.

Good physical shape

He talks about more personal issues. For example, who considers that “being in good physical shape is very important to maintain energy and if you are going to live at this level you have to stay healthy.”

For this, he commented, “I do a lot of sports, I take care of myself and I play tennis every morning.


We must find time to take care of ourselves.” The truth is that Branson, at 67, looks very good. But it is not only on business (and sport) that man lives.

The tycoon also pointed out family and sentimental stability as a very important factor “for happiness”. The businessman, after the talk, planned to leave for The Atlas to climb one of the highest mountains in Africa.

Business goes to people

To finish with another appreciation that is one of the strong ideas of the British businessman: “Open your eyes and you will find your business”. Branson has always viewed the customer as basic and looking at what their needs are: “Business is about people; then, and now, it’s about doing positive things for people. “” Life is short and you have to make a positive difference in the lives of others, “said the businessman.

Financial management

Branson also stopped at some, say, basic aspects: “You have to make sure more money goes in than you leave the business,” he said, but adding, “You have to try. Sometimes it will work and sometimes it won’t , although you have to put it in. go and do it for the right reasons. “

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