7 Tips To Manage Stress At Work

It is a natural defense mechanism of the body that warns us that we are in trouble and prepares us for it. Giardian.co.uk reported that currently many people suffer from work stress.

Here are some tips to achieve:

1. When you suffer some stress symptom accept it and do not fight against it . This will allow you to focus your attention on something else

2. Inhale and exhale. Breathing slowly for about ten minutes will lead to reflection and prevent you from fighting or fleeing, to return to your natural state.

3. Do not analyze your thoughts anymore .

4. Concentrate on positive thoughts when you feel bad, this will allow you to achieve emotional balance.

5. Once you recover, ask yourself what you fear and what you can do about it . 

6. Do not think about mistakes that were made in the past and do not worry about future problems either. If you accept the good and the bad of life, you will become a person less likely to suffer from stress.

7. Dedicate 15 minutes of your time each day to reflect on positive things.

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