7 Ways To Fall In Love With Your Ex Again

Love has an “expiration date”, and this happens after four years of relationship. If you want to know what to do to fall in love again, then we share eight ways to do it.

  1. Keep distance

Living together 24/7 with your partner can end the desire, is respecting the space of the other, is a key point for the relationship to remain in place.

  1. Respect their time together

At the beginning we put all our attention, but with the passage of time it becomes customary to concentrate on work or family issues, while we are with the couple, which can be harmful

  1. Make compliments

Sometimes we overlook that our partner has changed something in their appearance, or simply for a long time we do not remember those reasons why we admire her, and it is always a good time to do it.

  1. Plan an appointment

Do you remember that emotion of the first date, planning to dinner for you alone will help return that spark that had gone out.

  1. Ask how your day was

We tend to ignore the simpler details, “How are you?”, “How was your day?”, And they may be more important than you imagine

  1. Kiss your partner frequently

Since it is loaded with oxytocin, emotional satisfaction and will undoubtedly make them feel that connection that unites them.

  1. Talk

Communication can worsen over time, so talking about what he feels each can be crucial to solve everything and make the relationship go back to work, according to the site

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