8 Courses That Are Survival Skills In Kenya

Although there is no where in the Kenyan curriculum where you are supposed to learn some of this courses, you might find this qualification needed on your CV.

Doing them alone is not a complete argument, while not doing them also is the latter. They are just like the basic needs when it comes to job seeking. You need them after that Diploma or Bachelor course.


Driving is as simple as knowing how to walk with two legs, but this time, you required to pedal 2 more legs with 3 eyes. It should take you two months at most.

Most employers prefer employees who know how to drive. It becomes so easy where you needed to use company vehicles. Class BCE is the most appropriate to take.


The world has literally migrated to the digital world, and everyone is forced to use a computer in any official work. There is paper work, but is slowly being faced out. Just do introduction to computer studies with atleast 10 packages, and you good to go

3.First Aid

Incase of emergency outbreak, you will be required to act swiftly wituot panic and save yourself and other lives, coming from any first aid training would be so easy for you since you more familiar to such dangers. You can join any first aid ambulances and you good to go after one month. Some even train you for free.

4.Foreign Language

In Kenya, you required to know just English and Swahili, this is not enough for an ambitious employee or job seeker. There are those foeregners who can’t speak neither of the two. Suppose you run theough them in your third language, killing the rat will be upon yourself

5.Entrepreneurship Skills

In any firm, you are required towards making profit, this requires entreprenuership skills, you just need a certificate in this field for 2 or 3 months. It can also be good on your business minded esteem.

6.PR and Marketing

In general, you need to be good in communication and marketing, you have to be an ambassador of the company as an employee. This should come in handy as well.

7. Internet and Web

Everything has been shifted to internet. You need to read and send mails. You need to search information on web. It is very basic in need.

8.Critical Thinking and Common Knowledge

Not always, but some situation will definitely come and you need to make a decision on behalf of the firm. And so you need this skills. They are basically inborn but you need to enhance them in school

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