8 Messages You Send On WhatsApp That Betray Your Infidelity

For some time you suspect that your partner is cheating on you with another person.

You do not have evidence to prove it, but his or her behavior is very unusual

What’s being hidden? Doubts pile up in your head and it is clear that you have to clear them before you end up going crazy.

The best thing you can do is talk to him directly because maybe your suspicions are unfounded and if you try to do something behind back or show excessive jealousy your relationship may end up suffering.

However, if, after talking with your boyfriend, his attitude does not change it is time to take action and try to find out the truth.

And in that arduous task our beloved WhatsApp comes into play.

In these times, the instant messaging application par excellence can become our great ally when it comes to discovering an infidelity.

You have two options. The first is to try to spy on your partner’s cell phone to check if your lover has any suggestive message with another person who incriminates, but if he or she does not separate himself from his phone, neither sun nor shadow will be very complicated.

In addition, this alternative is not entirely honest and would completely destroy trust as a couple.

The second option is more ethical and it is about analyzing the messages that he or she sends.

Does it take a long time to respond and do it briefly? Do you use a distant language?

These are WhatsApp messages that indicate that you are being unfaithful. Attentive

1 Very short messages

The messages of liars are much shorter than they should be or how they are usually.

A Cornell University study found that men’s messages usually contain an average of seven words, so if your lover starts sending you messages with fewer words, you may start worrying.

Dry answers and edges are usually synonymous with infidelity, anyway you will have to take into account other factors to be 100% sure of the deception since some guys tend to be less talkative by habit and find it difficult to express themselves through WhatsApp or social networks .

2 Distant language

People who try to get as far as possible from what they are saying, so they always choose to omit personal pronouns and talk about third parties or things.

Messages such as “the train was delayed” or “the meeting did not end on time” may be cause for suspicion.

Also, if your boy always used the first person when talking with you on WhatsApp and suddenly quit, you would do well to worry.

Likewise, if you use ambiguous expressions like “almost sure”, “probably”, “should” or “maybe” it could be a clear signal that something is getting quiet.

3 Complicated answers

If you ask an easy and simple question by WhatsApp like: “What did you do last night?”

And answers you with five paragraphs of text, while usually does it with only one it becomes suspicious.

Many people think that the longer and more detailed a more convincing answer will seem, but the truth is that the opposite effect is achieved.

If you start to give details of what you were, who you were with, how many people did you talk to, what time did you return home … Bad signal!

4 Change the subject quickly

If you ask him a question and he tries to quickly change the subject, you evade him or she does not respond to what you have asked him, he begins to rethink that he might be deceiving you

Lying is uncomfortable and makes you feel bad about yourself, that’s why, if we can save ourselves doing it, much better. If you ignore or answer with a monosyllable is an unmistakable sign that something is hidden.

5 Messages too flattering

“How beautiful you are lately.” “I need you to live like the air I breathe.” “I love you with all my soul”. “I did not want to go to bed without wishing you good night.” If your boy starts sending these kinds of messages, it can mean two things: The first is that he has had an attack of romanticism and the second is that he is being unfaithful.

If your boyfriend as a rule is affectionate you should not worry, but if it is and suddenly you get this type of WhatsApps on your mobile

Red alert!

6 Change the way you write

Normally, we all adopted a certain style when writing to WhatsApp or send an email and the most usual thing is that when we get nervous and tend to change it.

People who roll up a lot tend to be much blunder when they lie and talkative people write more than necessary when what they say is not true.

7 Modify the verb tenses

When we tell something that has already happened, the most normal thing is to use the verb in the past.

However, when we lie and invent things on the fly, it is common for us to make mistakes and modify the discourse at the present time.

A signal that does not fail!

8 It takes a very long time to respond

Infidel people take much longer to answer, edit more while they write and think absolutely everything they say.

If your boy takes hours and hours to answer to simple “Hello” is because I have fears facing you and you discover what is hiding.

However, in matters of infidelity it is best to trust your intuition.

If something that does not fit or that does not sound convincing, listen to your instinct and your heart.

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