8 Surprising Ironies Of Today’s Reality

Since the time of evolution, man has changed so much from an ape to a developed human being.

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Man has continuously changed and he looks so much different in the 21st century as compared to the 17th and 18th century.

With the help of technology, man has evolved into another form of living waiting to enter into an artificial being on full recourse.

Here are 8 facts of realities of this man

  1. More degrees with less common sense
  2. Big house with a small family
  3. High IQ with less emotions
  4. Costly watches, increased number of watches, with no time to keep
  5. So many number of affairs with no true love
  6. In wake of advanced medical care, there has been poor health
  7. High income, less peace of mind
  8. Lots of humans, less humanity



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