8 Things That Kill Relationships On Whatsapp

It is inevitable to analyze the role played by new technologies in relationships. Sometimes allies and sometimes enemies to the death of love, we must be very careful with some applications that the devil loads.

These are some things that kill a relationship by WhatsApp. Beware of the mobile phone.

The applications of instant messaging arise, in principle, to facilitate communication, not only between couples, but in all types of relationships. But its benefits can be weapons against love if we do not use it correctly.

1. Too many Whatsapp.

Surely it makes you very happy that your partner says ‘I love you’ on a morning Whatsapp, who misses you or anything else. But if he sends you 30 messages throughout the morning, you may end up saturating yourself with so much love and attention.

2. Few Whatsapp.

But neither so much nor so bald, because that boyfriend who does not deign to send you to Whatsapp to see how the day, which only sends you in cases of urgency and for very specific issues, makes you think that you do not remember you in all day and you feel that you do not take care of the relationship or that it is unattended.

3. Sexting.

It is the order of the day to send messages of festive erotic content or what is called sexting. But you have to be careful when you are in the relationship to send these types of messages. If the relationship is beginning, perhaps it is better to wait until there is a little more confidence.

4. Seen and not seen.

The worst enemy of self-esteem is the double blue check and silence. You have sent him to Whatsapp, I have read it and he has not answered you. The attitude is popularly known to ‘leave you in sight’ and, in case someone did not know it, it is a bad education.

5. Short answer.

 Almost worse than not answer Whatsapp or leave you in sight is that a couple of you, your partner will answer you with an ‘ok’ or a sad emoticon that indicates that you received your message.

6. Exclusive dedication.

Your partner has a passion for WhatsApp, so much that in your appointments instead of paying attention to you, is dedicated exclusively to Whatsapear with their friends. And also laughs, and also is having a great time.

7. Chats deleted.

You’re not the one who gossips on your partner’s cell phone, but he’s doing it in front of you. You do not see the contact, you do not see the conversation, but you clearly see that you are deleting to chat. How suspicious, right?

8. WhatsApp videos.

One of the worst inventions from WhatsApp is the indiscriminate sending of videos. Videos that neither go to you nor come to you but that your partner watches carefully during the minutes that are needed. And he tells you to see them and if you say no, I have forwards them to you. And while you are trying to get your partner away from that device that is the mobile phone.

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