9 Worst Fashion And Beauty Mistakes That Make You Look Older Than You Are

They say that “fashion that suits you” and maybe you liked a trend that made you look super, but over the years it does not make you look so spectacular anymore.

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Clothes and makeup are part of our image and that is why we should pay more attention to what makes us look older.

Avoid these mistakes so you do not look like an old-fashioned woman:

1.You look too fashionable

Experts recommend that instead of investing in clothes that may be outdated in the next season, you prefer to buy classic clothes, which can combine very well and look elegant and casual.

2.You have too long hair

Many women associate long hair with youth and therefore insist on having a long hair. This is a serious mistake because over time we begin to lose fat on the face, and very long hair, and especially if it is smooth, can make us look older.

3.You tans more

It is well known that the ultraviolet rays of the sun wreak havoc on the skin cells, and break the collagen fibers that help maintain their elasticity and flexible appearance. You should avoid getting too dark if you want to look younger.

Also, when you put on makeup to achieve an artificial so you could be adding years to your face, because of the bronze applied to the nose, forehead and chin highlights the pores and adds more years.

4.You wear clothes that are too tight or too loose

All the clothes you choose must be your size. Too tight a garment will create unnecessary folds, and an excessively large one will be neglected and will hide your beauty.

5.You wear a very dark lipstick

A dark lipstick makes your mouth look smaller and, in passing, adds many years, the best is to lean towards more natural tones and a more discreet brightness.

6.You apply too much blush

Having pink cheeks is a sign of youth, but when you use too much makeup to achieve that effect, it does not look natural and adds years. It is best to use a soft blush.

7.Your clothes are too young

Wearing clothes too young when you’re not young, makes you look older because you project the image that you do not accept your age.

8.You wear old-fashioned lenses

The lenses have become a useful and stylish accessory, which can please your facial features. However, if you do not choose the correct model, they can spoil your entire image.

9.You smile little

Do not forget that a smile is the best accessory. It will always make you look younger and beautiful.



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