Akothee Says She Is 4 Months ‘Pregnant’

Flashy singer has never let the internet load without her splashy pictures of her new 2018 catch, Nelly Oaks.

Akothee and Nelly Oaks

Every-time you log on to the Facebook or Instagram, Akothee would be talking about her hunk manager whom they got engaged few weeks ago.

She does not care about her old muzungu whom they divorced over unknown instances.

Today she has given us another puzzle over her pregnancy. If at she is pregnant she should stop beating around th bsuh and declare her new unborn baby.

She has more than 5 known and unknown kids

This is what she posted

At work but not healthy at all! I made a mistake of drinking water i found in the car having bought by my driver he said he didn’t get time to go to the supermarket to buy my normal brands, the water was tasting funny so i dropped it! Now my stomach is swollen since yesterday, didn’t eat dinner nor breakfast! And even now can’t eat lunch! Am having a mild headache too and stomach discomfort especially the seeking i look like am 4 months pregnant am worried



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