Avoid These 5 Bad Habits If You Want To Be Successful

Success is what every one wants, or at least it is what every person should be looking forward to achieve in their career or life. Success is when you accomplish something you set yourself to do and requires a lot of input and determination.


Most of you are not there yet. You are still wishing and praying real hard to become successful in life, but are you doing something about it? Just what is keeping you from succeeding?

Here are some of the habits that are holding you back from success.

1. You are never on time

It could be at the office, a romantic date, a doctor’s appointment or even a party. According to you, the other party will always be late or you just enjoy when people wait for you or don’t find importance of being early.

Whichever the case, if you do not observe punctuality and keep making excuses for being late then success is gradually pulling away from you. Be the person that keeps time.

2. You don’t listen

To be successful you have to listen from all corners and avoid being the person who is always talking and doesn’t like to be told. Ask Chris Kirubi and he’ll tell you, the one thing he valued most on his way up was listening to what the better experienced had to say. In this article, Chris Kirubi reveals the tips to be successful.

For you to be successful, you have to be willing to hear what others have to say, allow to be corrected and take in criticism.

3. You are too familiar with colleagues

Do you think your co-workers are the best and spend the first 30 minutes of your time catching up on how the weekend was? Or do you think it’s cool that you can have a conversation as you work?

While it’s a good thing to be cordial with your colleagues at work, it could delay your success even further without realising it. The 30 minutes or more that you take in a conversation could slow down your day and performance.

Catch up during lunch hour or on your way home instead.

4. You never finish what you start

This could stem out from not finishing your salad or keeping it for a later time when you’re up to it. Not finishing what you start working on is a recipe for failure and you will not be seeing success any time soon. Successful people identify the battles they can win and stay away from those they can’t, so in this same way, you must finish the tasks you begin if you are to succeed.

Avoid always postponing duties.

5. You never take responsibility

Are you always blaming somebody else for something done wrong? Do you always have an excuse to delayed work or poorly done assignments? If you do, that means you do not take responsibility for anything and this could keep you miles away from succeeding.

When something goes wrong, evaluate the process and identify what you could have done different.

Success is when you achieve what you always dream about, but will require you to put in extra effort.

Still have no idea why you are not succeeding at what you do? This article provides even more insight on what you could be doing wrong.



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