Bayern Munich Forgets Kenyans Are Celebrating Madaraka Day

Last year on 12th December, German giants Bayern Munich excited Kenyan football fans after they wished them a happy Jamhuri day, rather the day Kenya became a republic.

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It went down as another history on the calendar of Kenya and Bayern Munichs.

However, the giants forgot that Kenyans were having another important day on 1st of June, Madaraka Day, the day Kenya became aware of its own freedom from their colony , Britain.

Many Kenyans went on their social media to check on their timeline to see if their was any message for them, only to be disappointed.

If top clubs from Europe and the rest of the world could empress these open opportunity that has been let loose by the Bundesliga giants, it can be a double edged benefit.

Clubs would stand high chances of winning more fans from Africa, hence sense high on their advert kitty, while for Kenyans, the country gets on the global map placing us on the edge of tour destination.

That would be a mutual economic relationship (which does not require any budget ) between us and Bayern, however they have let the opportunity slide off!




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